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Step into my world and explore my captivating mixed media artwork, "Transformación," expertly crafted on a 24" x 24" wood panel. Inspired by the profound symbolism of butterflies, this piece encapsulates themes of rebirth, change, hope, endurance, and life.

Butterflies serve as powerful symbols of transformation and renewal, echoing the positive changes we yearn for in our lives. As an artist, I've drawn inspiration from their symbolism, infusing this artwork with a sense of hope and spiritual connection.

Embrace this unique artwork, a visual representation of hope and transformation, and invite its meaningful symbolism into your life. Discover the enduring beauty and inspiration that "Transformación" can bring to your space.

Presented on a sleek and polished wood panel, this 3D gallery-wrapped artwork is ready to be displayed and admired in your home. To ensure its longevity and preserve its beauty, "Transformación" is meticulously protected with a two-part epoxy resin, enhancing its durability and adding a captivating luster to the artwork.

Join me on this journey of transformation and renewal with "Transformación" – a piece of art that resonates with the desire for positive change and spiritual connection.

Mixed media collage art with gold leaf on wood panel. 

  • Gallery Wrapped.
  • H: 24" W:24" 
  • Artwork is made by hand on wood protected with a two part epoxy resin.
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