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I grew up in Colombia surrounded by art influences, from my grandmother's love for painting to my blind grandaunt weaving beautiful baskets while singing her favorite songs. My father always expressed his passion for art and collected works from both local and well-known Colombian artists. Although as a child I didn't pay much attention to art, funny enough, I often found myself drawn to the creative process, experimenting with colors and shapes in my free time, unknowingly laying the foundation for my future artistic journey.


After graduating in fashion design in Colombia, my creative journey continued as I moved to the USA and pursued a career in graphic design. After getting married and having children, I chose to pause my career to focus on raising my kids. When they went off to college, I felt lost and decided to try something new, I signed up for a weekend collage workshop and immediately fell in love with it. Creating collages felt natural, as if I had always been doing it.


Realizing that art had always been a part of me, I began creating various pieces, including pet portraits in honor of my beloved dog Molly. Hearts, elephants, and butterflies became symbolic elements in my work, representing everything that I have in me, which is love, emotion, freedom, strength, wisdom, transformation, and beauty.


Time didn't determine my passion, and I embraced the artist within me. Each piece I create involves hours of layering magazine covers and papers to form shapes. The process is immersive and spontaneous, allowing each piece to evolve naturally.


I sense that I discovered the art within me, or perhaps art found me. Either way, I'm glad to have paused my career, embraced parenthood, got a bit lost in the chaos, and ultimately reshaped myself into an artist doing what I love.


I appreciate the support of my collectors and followers, and I look forward to creating more art and connecting with beautiful people through my projects.

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