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Red Velve Collage Artwork: Where Passion Meets Fashion"


Explore the captivating world of 'Red Velve,' an extraordinary collage artwork that seamlessly blends the essence of fashion with heartfelt passion. This piece intricately weaves the allure of a crimson heart with the textures, and design elements of high fashion. 'Red Velve' is a visual masterpiece that will enchant art enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of love and couture. Immerse yourself in the rich, velvety world of 'Red Velve,' where artistry and fashion unite to tell a vibrant and passionate story. Discover 'Red Velve' – A harmonious fusion of heart and haute couture.


mixed media collage art with gold leaf on wood panel. 

  • H: 24" W:24" 
  • Artwork is made by hand on wood protected with a two part epoxy resin.




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