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"TANGO" - a one-of-a-kind golden retriever paper collage, carefully crafted to capture the essence of your beloved furry companion. This exceptional artwork invites you to celebrate the special bond shared with your pet, elevating them to the status of cherished family members.

"TANGO" is an original collage masterpiece, meticulously created using a combination of various papers, textures, and colors, resulting in a captivating mixed media artwork. The collage technique brings depth and dimension to the portrayal of your golden retriever, capturing their unique features and personality in a truly remarkable way.

Measuring H: 24" and W: 24", this gallery-wrapped artwork boasts a sleek and polished presentation, making it ready to be prominently displayed and admired.

To enhance its longevity and preserve its beauty, "TANGO" is protected with a two-part epoxy resin.
This glossy finish not only safeguards the artwork from external elements but also adds a luminous quality, accentuating the intricate details and enhancing the colors.

This exquisite collage artwork is an ideal choice for those seeking a meaningful and personalized piece of art. Whether you desire to own this stunning golden retriever collage or commission a custom artwork featuring your own pet, "TANGO" captures the essence of our beloved companions and immortalizes them in a captivating form.


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