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M Vigne Arts



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  • Mixed media collage art with gold leaf on wood panel. 
  • Gallery Wrapped.
  • H: 48" W:36" 
  • Artwork is made by hand on wood protected with a two part epoxy resin.


    As an artist passionate about elephants, I create unique, symbolic pieces embodying their power, loyalty, and quest for freedom. My artwork portrays an elephant's liberation, symbolizing resilience and determination. With meticulous collage techniques, I craft visual narratives capturing their essence.

    Interior designers seeking strong, nature-inspired statement pieces will find my work appealing. Elephant lovers resonate with the heartfelt message. Art collectors value the storytelling and artistic mastery.

    "Savanna," measuring H: 48" and W: 36", commands attention. It comes expertly framed for an impactful presentation.

    For a truly unique piece, consider a custom commission tailored to your vision, celebrating elephants and your artistic taste.

    Join me in celebrating the allure of elephants and their universal call for freedom. Let my art capture their spirit and leave a lasting impression in your space.

    Art for home decor, hotels, restaurants, and the hospitality industry. Contemporary, modern, and unique wall art for 2020. Explore my collage art.


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